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Awesome .... [Jul. 24th, 2007|10:46 pm]
Eat Me San Diego
Now I can write. Too many to list.

Current Favorite: Cafe on Park

Sure some patrons might thing the divos working there are a bit smug, but hey .. it's Hillcrest. Deal with it. Best time to eat are for weekend brunch, because they aren't open late and they're close during lunch and dinner. They're very rooted into the community showing off works from local artists on the walls. My favorite were the tropical birds (not there anymore). The wait isn't as bad as I've been warned, or maybe because I'm wiling to wait. From the few times I've been there, I've already narrowed down to getting the raspberry coconut pancake, iced tea which they put in these neat jam jars, and let me not forget the mimosa. The portions are generous enough to feed two. Cafe on Park is worth getting up in the morning after a Friday of getting yourself pissed stinking drunk.