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Volare Family Restaurant [Jul. 22nd, 2007|10:54 pm]
Eat Me San Diego


Remember back in the day going to the Naval Training Center and seeing shabby buildings when you make that slight left off of Pacific Highway onto Barnett? That's where this restaurant is located. I've only been here twice: once a LONG time ago, probably more than fifteen years ago, and the second being just a couple of months ago. The food is moderately priced, slightly more expensive for a college student's meager budget. I think my eggplant parmesean was around $11 but it was pretty big and came with a side of spaghetti, salad, and garlic bread (I think, I'm not sure if Poot just paid extra for it, i.e. the garlic bread) Oh damn, the garlic bread was awesome in all its garlic-y cheesy glory. This landmark has been around, probably longer than I have. The interior suggests a smoky Sinatra-esque past, however seating around 30 people in the dining area at once. There's no bar, so don't go there to get drunk, and be wary of the wine list. If memory serves me correctly the Reunite was about $5, which is about the net worth of a single bottle at Albertson's. To make a long story short, go for the food and the intimate setting in this aged yet charming restaurant.


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Volare Family Restaurant
3528 Barnett Ave

San Diego, CA 92110

(619) 224-0030